Buffalo News, Weekly Standard Review Book by Dr. Chambers

February 27, 2013  |  by Michael Freedman

Dr. Thomas A. Chambers, chair of Niagara University’s department of history, recently published his second book, Memories of War.

Within the last six weeks, the publication has been reviewed by The Buffalo News and The Weekly Standard.

In Memories of War, Dr. Chambers recounts America’s rediscovery of its early national history through the rise of battlefield tourism in the first half of the 19th century. Travelers in this period, Chambers finds, wanted more than recitations of regimental movements when they visited battlefields; they desired experiences that evoked strong emotions and lent meaning to the bleached bones and decaying fortifications of a past age. Chambers traces this impulse through efforts to commemorate Braddock’s Field and Ticonderoga, the cultivated landscapes masking the violent past of the Hudson River valley, the overgrown ramparts of Southern war sites, and the scenic vistas at War of 1812 battlefields along the Niagara River. Describing a progression from neglect to the Romantic embrace of the landscape and then to ritualized remembrance, Chambers brings his narrative up to the beginning of the Civil War, during and after which the memorialization of such sites became routine, assuming significant political and cultural power in the American imagination.

Memories of War can be purchased at Cornell University Press, Amazon and other locations.