College of Business Presents Awards for Faculty Excellence

May 7, 2013  |  by Lauren Agnello

College of Business Award Winners

College of Business Administration award-winners, L to R, Drs. James Kling, Anna McNab, and Christopher Wright.

On April 30, the College of Business Administration celebrated the end of a very productive and successful year. In addition, three faculty members were recognized for excellence in research, service and teaching. According to Dr. Shawn Daly, dean, “The College of Business end-of-the-year social event is a special time for the faculty and staff. It’s a chance to share fellowship and celebrate our successes for the year, of which there were many. In particular, we recognized our annual faculty award recipients, Anna McNab, James Kling and Christopher P. Wright, for their outstanding performance.”

Dr. Anna McNab, assistant professor of management, received the award for excellence in research. She received the Best Paper Award for a manuscript published in the AIS Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction in 2011, titled “Designing Emergency Response Dispatch Systems for Better Dispatcher Performance.” Dr. McNab also has a forthcoming paper accepted by MIS Quarterly, titled “Reliability Generalization of Perceived Ease of Use, Perceived Usefulness, and Behavioral Intentions.” Lastly, Dr. McNab has collaborated on a pair of projects that investigated the effects of various types of media on perceptions related to sexual assault and the intentions to intervene in such situations. These were published by leading communications journals and have seen some attention from the popular press.

Dr. James Kling, associate professor of management and chair of the commerce department, received the award for excellence in service. As chair, he manages all the courses and faculty associated with economics, finance, marketing and management. He is also on the university’s Academic Integrity Board, Niagara University Senate Executive Committee, and is the academic director for the Center for Supply Chain Excellence, which he founded in 2000. He serves on the board of directors at Stella Niagara Education Park, a pre-K through 8th grade private Catholic school in Lewiston, N.Y. Just last week, he completed the Vincentian Mission Certificate program, an 18-month program designed to help deepen Catholic and Vincentian values at Niagara University.

The award for excellence in teaching went to Dr. Christopher P. Wright, assistant professor of management. This undoubtedly was for his ability to make quantitative methods accessible and at demonstrating the applied side of statistics. He also uses technology in and out of the classroom, including video lectures on Blackboard, his use of a tablet in class and the online homework system through Pearson.

Dean Daly added, “Dr. McNab published an article in one of information systems’ very most prestigious journals, making her our Researcher of the Year. Following years of outstanding service, Dr. Kling had the “perfect storm” in 2012-13: He was acknowledged for Service of the Year, with his involvement on the  university’s Senate Executive and numerous college-level committees, as well as serving as department chair. Dr. Wright was recognized as CBA’s Teacher of the Year for his innovation in teaching and developing new methods for engaging students in heavy quantitative courses, one of our most difficult tasks. Their efforts exemplify the diversity of talents and performance across a wide range of activities that make the faculty at Niagara University so special.”