College of Business Honors Students Participate in Undergraduate Research Conference

May 3, 2013  |  by Lauren Agnello

  • Kevin Ryan, Professor Ed Hutton and John Osberg are pictured during the Undergraduate Research Conference.

  • Mitchell Piper worked with Dr. Peggy Choong on his research presentation.

  • Professor Pikas stands with Gabi Sorrentino.

  • Lidia Montesino poses with her work.

  • Will Munschauer

On Friday, April 19, several students from the College of Business Administration participated in the Undergraduate Research Conference, held on campus in St. Vincent’s Hall and the Castellani Art Museum. The Undergraduate Research Conference is an annual spring event planned by the Niagara University Honors Program, which highlights student research in both poster and panel presentations. It is an opportunity for all honors students to present on topics of interest to them, including research projects that they are working on within their classes or jointly with professors.

Accounting major William Munschauer, mentored by Dr. Hannon, assistant professor of management, did a panel presentation on “Business Incubation Facilities: An Analysis of Best Practices Among Various Facility Types and their Benefits.” According to Dr. Hannon, “Will has shown tremendous initiative researching a very dynamic and important topic. Small business is the future of America. His research provides the academic community with new insights into the current and future role of incubators, and their ability to improve the odds that new companies will survive and succeed.”

“Do Investors Rationally Evaluate Investment Fees? A Behavioral Finance Investigation” was presented by finance majors Kevin Ryan and John Osberg, under the guidance of Prof. Hutton, assistant professor and director of the Financial Services Lab. Hutton advised, “John and Kevin examined a very important issue for their honors thesis. They looked at how emotions affect investing behavior; they analyzed whether or not investors rationally analyze investment fees. Their work has important implications for anyone who has to make choices about investing.”

Liberal arts major Lidia Montesino did a poster presentation on “The Affordable Care Act and Population Health” with the guidance of Dr. Principe, assistant professor of economics. Dr. Principe said, “Lydia researched the potential impact of the Affordable Care Act on population health. Her investigation is quite timely given that population health is at the center of the new reimbursement models. She did an excellent job analyzing a very complex piece of legislation.”

Marketing major Gabriel Sorrentino did a poster presentation under the advisement of Prof. Pikas, professor of marketing, on “The Effectiveness of Online Advertising.” According to Prof. Pikas, “Gabi Sorrentino did a wonderful, professional job fielding numerous questions during her poster session. Her participation in the research poster session was a feather in our CBA cap and highlighted our top students to the rest of the university community.”

Under the advisement of Dr. Choong, associate dean and professor of marketing, marketing major Mitchell Piper did a panel presentation on “Food Labeling: A Consumer Behavior.” Dr. Choong advised, “His research deals with food and nutrition labeling and their impact on consumer choices. I anticipate that the findings of this study would be interesting to organizations who are interested in growing their market share in the healthier food segments as well as to policy makers who need to persuade population segments to make healthier food choices.”

The College of Business Administration congratulates these students on their hard work and applauds their interesting research.