NU’s Center for Supply Chain Excellence Holds Professional Development Seminars

June 7, 2013  |  by Melissa Heidt

  • Niagara University's Center for Supply Chain Excellence held a one-week professional development seminar in May focusing on supply chain management..

  • LTL trucking expert Tom Collister presents on transportation and traffic during the workshop.

Niagara’s Center for Supply Chain Excellence had a great turnout for its one-week professional development seminar in May focusing on supply chain management. NCSCE provided training to 23 professionals, employed by 12 companies from Illinois to Western New York.

In addition, 12 current NU undergraduate students joined the five-day seminar and, by passing exams and writing a term paper, were able to achieve college credit.  Each day focused on a different supply chain area such as transportation, purchasing and global logistics.  The instructional team included Jack Ampuja, NCSCE executive director and president of Supply Chain Optimizers, LTL trucking expert Tom Collister, Debora Alessi, director of contracting, CCG at Premier Inc., Mike Diati, V.P. of Speed Global Services, and two NU management professors, Drs. Jim Kling and Anna McNab.

Professionals who completed all five days of training obtained a “36-hour certificate” designed as a resume builder for managers needing formal logistics education. The purpose was to learn practical ways to save money and improve performance in key areas of the supply chain and gain a broader perspective on management and drivers of the supply chain. Candy Grabowski, a senior buyer with Viatran Corporation in Wheatfield, recently completed the 36-hour certificate program with the center.  She remarked, “The 36-hour supply chain program held at Niagara University is filled with many interesting topics and amazing speakers. It has been very beneficial to my supply chain career and I would highly recommend attending if given the opportunity!”

Supply chain student Jessica Caputo commented about the benefit of having a combination of professionals and students in the courses. “Not only were we learning what there was to know about supply chain, purchasing, transportation, etc., but we were also hearing stories from people who are a part of the supply chain world every day and have experienced the topics we were discussing,” she said. “The speakers were very knowledgeable about their topic and they explained everything in thorough detail, gave examples and also engaged the class in the conversation.”

Jim Kling, who initiated the professional development programs in 2001 and continues to be the academic coordinator of NU’s supply chain programs, had this to say about this most recent week of seminars: “This is a great example of Niagara University’s commitment to the community and to its students.  There is a clear need for this type of education in our local business community and it’s a great opportunity for our undergraduate students to have seen the ‘real world’ in an innovative and user-friendly setting. I would also like to thank our great instructor team—these are the best supply chain experts in our region and we are pleased to partner with them.”

For more information regarding upcoming supply chain seminars, please contact Gerry Catalano at 716.286.8173 or ude.aragainnull@onalatacg.