Niagara University Joining National Day of Action

April 15, 2014  |  by Michael Freedman

The White House recently announced that the first national day of action will take place April 30, 2014. “America’s PrepareAthon! is a nationwide, community-based campaign to build a more secure and resilient nation by getting more Americans to understand what disasters could happen in their communities and what to do to be safe and prepared.

The campaign was directed as part of the Presidential Policy Directive-8: National Preparedness.

Border Community SERVICE (Special Emergency Response Volunteer Initiative for Community Empowerment) of Niagara University offers free community preparedness training and participation opportunities in the City of Buffalo and throughout Niagara County.

Training focuses on the four key strategic points of U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s “Ready” campaign: 1. Get a Kit, 2. Make a Plan, 3. Be Informed and 4. Get Involved. The goal of this training is to empower community members to take action to increase their preparedness and participate in community resilience planning.

Interested block clubs, community associations, religious organizations, schools, and businesses should contact the appropriate coordinator to schedule a free emergency preparedness training. Contact Dana Estrada, director and community preparedness coordinator for the City of Buffalo, at 716.851.4299 or ude.aragainnull@eld or Valerie Haseley, Niagara County project coordinator, at 716.205.0076 or ude.aragainnull@yelesahv.

The mission of Border Community SERVICE of Niagara University is to provide emergency preparedness training to citizens and to encourage their participation in opportunities that enhance regional emergency readiness.