NU Business Student Attends Beta Gamma Sigma Student Leadership Forum

March 5, 2014  |  by Melissa Heidt

  • Martin

    Katy Martin (second from left) participates in a team-building activity.

  • Martin

    Katy Martin represented NU at the Beta Gamma Sigma Winter Student Leadership Forum.

International business management major Kathryn Martin bursts with enthusiasm when she speaks about her recent trip this past February to attend the Beta Gamma Sigma Winter 2014 Student Leadership Forum in San Antonio, Texas. This four-day forum focused on leadership, ethics and student involvement.

Martin was inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma, the honor society for business programs accredited by AACSB International, last year in recognition of her outstanding scholastic achievements. She was one of only four juniors in NU’s College of Business Administration to receive membership in 2013.

“The forum was an incredible opportunity to take a few days to ponder myself as a leader, evaluate my future path and make friends and lifetime connections and then return to Niagara University refreshed and excited!” exclaimed Martin.

The purpose of the Beta Gamma Sigma Student Leadership Forum is to gather together student members from colleges and universities across the country for a chance to improve their leadership skills. The forum is limited to 100 students and is a hands-on experience, challenging the chosen participants to examine questions such as, “What Kind of Leader Will I Be?” In addition there are team-building exercises, social activities, networking and other activities, which make the event a very positive step forward in the professional lives of those taking part.

Martin received approval to attend the trip from Dr. Shawn Daly, dean of the College of Business Administration, and Dr. Ann Rensel, faculty advisor for Niagara’s chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma.

Martin’s excitement about her experience at the forum is evident as she described an activity focused on greed.

“We had a hunting activity and then afterward the presenter asked, ‘Who likes presents?’ The girl next to me immediately raised her hand and he presented her with a tube of toothpaste (initially wrapped in a gift bag). She thanked him and then he asked her to squeeze out the toothpaste as quickly as possible. She did so and, after that, he asked her to put all the toothpaste back inside the tube. She could not. He then blew my mind when he said, ‘So this toothpaste is like your words. Once they come out, they cannot go back in, and know as a leader that your words have influence. This toothpaste could help someone or hurt someone.’ That was by far my favorite session.”

Dr. Anna McNab, assistant professor of management, Martin’s business faculty advisor, commented, “Katy has been a true joy to work with during her undergraduate studies. She is a very talented, driven and kindhearted professional. She truly is exceptional and her hard work and motivation will pay off with great things in the future.”

One of Martin’s future goals is to be CEO of a multinational corporation or, as she says, “at least the head of the Latin American division of a multinational corporation.”

Martin is currently majoring in both international business and Spanish with a minor in supply chain Mmanagement. She is set to graduate in May and will begin her MBA at Clarkson University this fall.

However, Martin also has applied for a Fulbright Fellowship in Mexico, which involves a binational business internship. She successfully passed the first USA round on Jan. 24 and recently had an interview with the Mexican government for the fellowship. She expects to hear back sometime this month. If Martin receives the fellowship, she will be in Mexico City, Mexico, interning with a company and beginning her graduate classes for the next year.

Dr. Jim Kling, chair of the Department of Management, summed it up, “While Katy is definitely bright, many students are smart. What sets Katy apart is that she jumps at opportunities when they are available. With this trait and her positive attitude, she will go far.”