NU Recognizes 61 Employees During Annual Awards Luncheon

February 18, 2013  |  by Michael Freedman

Father Levesque

The Rev. Joseph L. Levesque, C.M., was among 61 members of the NU community who received certificates during Monday's Employee Service Awards Luncheon.

Dr. Bonnie Rose, executive vice president, handed out certificates to 61 faculty and staff members during Niagara University’s Employee Service Awards Luncheon, held Feb. 18, 2013, in the Statler Dining Room of St. Vincent’s Hall.

The event celebrated men and women who had reached five-year milestones in their employment at NU, including Dr. Rose (10 years at Niagara) and the Rev. Joseph L. Levesque, C.M., who announced in January that he would be stepping down after 13 years as president. Father Levesque’s 40-year association with NU will continue, however, as he will remain on Monteagle Ridge as president emeritus.

Here’s the full list of honorees (photos can be viewed on NU’s Facebook page):

40 years

  • Rev. Joseph L. Levesque, C.M., President
  • Dr. Judith Willard, Assistant to the President for Planning

35 years

  • Daniel  Guariglia, Facility Services
  • Maureen Salfi, Student Records & Financial Services
  • Steven Siegel, College of Hospitality & Tourism Management

30 years

  • Chester Barosky, Information Technology
  • Dr. Timothy Osberg, Psychology
  • Catherine Serianni, Institutional Research

25 years

  • Charles Dabkowski, Library (retired)
  • Regina Kernin, Information Technology
  • Dr. Tenpao Lee, College of Business Administration
  • Christine Schwartz, Continuing Education
  • Judith   Swierczek, Planning Office
  • Dr. W. Burt Thompson, Psychology
  • Donna Yelder, Library

20 years

  • Dr. William Cliff, Biology
  • Barbara Corcoran, Student Records & Financial Services
  • Dr. Jeanne Laurel, English
  • Michael Skowronski, Career Services
  • Robert Swanson, Career Services

15 years

  • Wendy Caputo, Controller’s Office
  • Dr. Paula Kot, English
  • Lisa McMahon, PR, Communications & Marketing
  • Kathleen Urso, Library

10 years

  • John Barker, Campus Safety
  • Dr. Morgan Brooks, College of Education
  • Michael Chesebro, Information Technology
  • Rev. Stephen Denig, C.M., College of Education
  • Dr. Gregory Duke, Advancement Services
  • Christine Dunets, Advancement Services
  • Dr. William Edwards, Biology
  • Wade Hart, Institutional Advancement
  • Wendy Herbst, Information Technology
  • Ann Heuer, Theatre & Fine Arts
  • Dr. Barbara Iannarelli, College of Education
  • Tracia McKissic, College of Education
  • Howard Morgan, Alumni Engagement
  • Christopher Neadow, Facility Services
  • Christine O’Hara, Alumni Engagement
  • Dr. Donna Phillips, College of Education
  • Evan Pierce, College of Education
  • Dr. Vincent Rinaldo, College of Education
  • Dr. Craig Rivera, Criminal Justice
  • Dr. Bonnie Rose, Executive Vice President
  • Aaron “Kit” Straub, Information Technology
  • Stacy Wander, Facility Services

5 years

  • Hiam Arab, Ontario Education Programs
  • Pamela Beehler, Student Records & Financial Services
  • Dr. Jamie Carr, English
  • Katie Cauley, General Counsel’s Office
  • Dr. Sherri Cianca, College of Education
  • Michelle Ciminelli, College of Education
  • Dr. Peter Cowden, Ontario Educational Studies
  • Kelly Engert, Academic Support
  • Kendra Faustin, Athletics
  • Dr. Mustafa Gokcek, History
  • Tammy Hargrave, College of Education
  • Dr. Edna Leticia Hernandez de Hahn, College of Education
  • Dr. Jinyan Huang, College of Education
  • J. Patrick Hulsman, Institutional Advancement (retired)
  • Martha Krupa, Academic Support
  • Dr. Abigail Levin, Philosophy
  • Kathryn Marzec, Academic Exploration Program
  • Patricia McIntosh, Alumni Engagement
  • Dr. James Mills, College of Education
  • Dr. Jamie Pimlott, Political Science
  • Monica Romeo, Counseling Services
  • Bryan Semski, Admissions
  • Carmela Vitale, Ontario Educational Studies
  • Dr. Stefanie Wichhart, History
  • Ronald Winkley, Criminal Justice
  • Douglas Zschiegner, Theatre