NU_Finance Members Tour Citi Getzville Offices

February 28, 2014  |  by Melissa Heidt

NU_Finance members visited Citi's offices in Getzville in January.

Twelve members of Niagara University’s Finance Club enjoyed a unique opportunity in January, when they spent the day visiting Citi’s Getzville office in the Crosspoint Business Park.

They started off the day with a site tour led by Ken Potts, senior vice president. He provided background information on Citi’s history in Buffalo and described the operations of the departments the students were able to tour. This was a great chance for students to see the working atmosphere inside Citi.

The busy morning continued with meetings with representatives from the information services group, presentations on yield book and investment research. William Mitchell, an associate at Citi and a 2012 NU alumnus, spoke to the students on investment research, which was very helpful as senior finance major Matt Bolea commented, “His talk helped those of us in Professor Hutton’s Applied Investment Management class connect the dots between class and the real world.”

Lunch was next on the agenda, attended by several NU alumni who are working at Citi, including Darius Bessette, ’07, Maryanna Bull, ’83, Larry Cassert, ’03, Joe Chiomastro, ’11, Kristin Larson, ’10, Dominique Petrie, ’10, and Tom Teeto, ’08. This was a great time for networking as well as an informal opportunity for career advice.

Matt Bolea, who helped to arrange for the visit to Citi, said, “Nu_Finance was very fortunate to be able to take advantage of its great relationship with Citi in order to take part in a unique, informative and educational experience as well as a great networking opportunity.”

After lunch, the students met with representatives from the finance product control department, market risk and the recruitment office. Jack Duffy, a senior finance major, advised, “I thought it was a very informative experience to engage with several different professionals from the fields of investment research, yield book and product control. It was also very beneficial to be able to take a full tour of their site at the beginning of the day, not to mention being able to network with Niagara alumni whoare employed at Citi. We are extremely grateful for their generosity.”

At the end of the day, students learned a lot about Citi’s operations, were able to connect with and learn from fellow Niagarans and leave with the feeling spoken by Kara Borowiak, senior finance major, “Citi is a great place to work, especially because they promote growth opportunities for their employees.”