NU_Finance Members Visit Toronto’s Financial Industry

December 18, 2013  |  by Lauren Agnello

In November, the NU_Finance club traveled to Toronto for a day of learning and networking. Typically, members of NU_Finance travel to three financially prominent cities throughout the school year, including Toronto in the fall and Chicago and New York City in the spring semester.

Professor Hutton, assistant professor of finance and director of the Financial Services Lab, has developed a strong network of alumni and friends in those three cities to help current NU_Finance members connect with professionals in the workforce.

Along with networking, the students also learn valuable skills from these members of the financial industry by visiting various financial services firms. The students are able to observe, ask questions and gain valuable skills and insights into the financial industry.

On this trip, students first met with a recruiter at Lannick Group Inc. in their Pro Count Staffing division. This division is committed to matching successful companies with the most qualified junior to intermediate-level finance and accounting professionals in the Greater Toronto Area. In the afternoon, they visited the Bank of Montreal (BMO) Financial Group and met with Lori Easterbrook who deals with investment banking. That evening, the group met with Joe Tonnos of CIBC’s Foreign Exchange division and Sasha Kaplun of Clarus Securities in the Precious Metals division who were able to explain their jobs and answer any questions the students had.

The evening wrapped up with a network dinner attended by a multitude of alumni from a myriad of companies and careers. The trip proved invaluable for NU_Finance members in both their education and networking.