Seven Former Chairpersons Present for Ceremonial Final Adjournment of Commerce Department

December 5, 2013  |  by Michael Freedman

  • Commerce Chairs

    Back row: William Peek, Ph.D.; Jim Kling, Ph.D.; Prof. Emeritus George Neimanis; Prof. Emeritus Philip Scherer, Ph.D.; Front row: Prof. Bo Pikas; Daniel Tompkins, Ph.D.; and Michael Ishman, Ph.D.

  • Dr. Shawn Daly

    Dr. Shawn Daly, dean of the College of Business Administration, slices into a cake to celebrate the commerce department's legacy and the dawn of a new era.

An important reorganization is occurring within the College of Business Administration as a result of the increased interest in its offerings.

In a transition supported by its 20 faculty members, the venerable commerce department is being divided into three new departments: management, marketing and finance/economics.

The commerce department’s roots date back to 1946 when it was originally known as the economics department. It formally adopted its name in 1968 and held its last official meeting on Nov. 20, 2013.

To mark the final meeting and hold a ceremonial final adjournment were seven of the department’s former chairpersons, whose terms span four decades.

  • George Neimanis (1973-1983)
  • Bohdan Pikas (1983-1994, 2011-2012)
  • Dr. Philip Scherer (1994-2000)
  • Dr. William Peek (2000-2003)
  • Dr. Michael Ishman (2003-2004)
  • Dr. Jim Kling (2004-2005, 2012-2013)
  • Dr. Dan Tompkins (2005-2011)

“While there is some nostalgia related to this final meeting, the 67-year run of the commerce department is a testament to its success. It prospered due to good leadership, great faculty and God’s blessing,” stated Dr. Jim Kling.

After introducing the former chairs who were present, Dr. Kling turned over the gavel to Professor Bohdan Pikas who called for a motion to adjourn the final meeting of the commerce department. Professor Emeritus George Neimanis made the motion and Professor Emeritus Phil Scherer seconded the motion. With concurrence, Professor Pikas formally closed the department’s business.

The group then celebrated with a cake in the Glynn Family Atrium in Bisgrove Hall. Dr. Shawn Daly, dean of the College of Business Administration, cut the cake to symbolize the beginning of a new era.