Sport Management Students Offer Children’s Swimming Lessons

February 7, 2014  |  by Michael Freedman

Last fall, Niagara University students enrolled in SPM 497 (Sport Based Youth Mentoring) organized a variety of outreach projects aimed at bringing sport and recreation opportunities to underserved children in Niagara Falls.

As part of the class, each of the 15 students spent 30 hours volunteering in the community as a sport and recreation leader.

One of the service-learning programs that the students devised was a free learn-to-swim class for second and third graders that was held at the Kiernan Recreation Center. The NU students volunteered their time to serve as instructors and lifeguards for the entirety of the eight-week program. This was the second year it was offered.

“This program is extremely important, given that statistics show that children in this demographic drown at very high rates, and many cannot afford swimming lessons,” said Dr. Rachel Madsen, assistant professor of sport management and the service-learning liaison for the College of Hospitality and Tourism Management.

For more information, please contact Dr. Madsen at 716.286.8268 or ude.aragainnull@nesdamr.