Two Business Students Achieve Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certifications

June 9, 2014  |  by Melissa Heidt

NU students Jacob Ledyard and Jason Cutler recently earned MOS certifications.

While many students are on summer vacation, two industrious students in the College of Business Administration have been busy preparing for and passing the Microsoft Office Specialist certifications.

Jacob Ledyard, a senior majoring in supply chain management, and Jason Cutler, a recent accounting graduate, have both successfully passed the Microsoft Office Suite (MOS) Specialist certification in Excel, and both are continuing to prepare for the MOS Expert level certification exam, which they will take before the middle of June. The MOS exam allows for certification of skills in Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, etc. The interactive exam tests a person’s ability by performing tasks in a live application during a 55-minute exam.

Niagara’s College of Business Administration is an authorized Certiport Testing Center, and this designation enables Niagara students to complete a variety of industry certification exams on campus. Ledyard and Cutler were both students in Dr. Ann Rensel’s Advanced Excel and Business Modeling class, and chose to challenge themselves and gain the industry-recognized certifications in this critical piece of business software. As the site administrator, Dr. Rensel holds both the specialist and expert certifications in Excel, and she is continuing to realign her classes so that any student completing the Advanced Excel and Business Modeling class will be prepared for the certification exams. Completing certifications at the conclusion of a class presents an excellent opportunity for students to gain valuable industry-recognized credentials during their time at Niagara University.

Cutler is busy this summer interning with Treibacher Schleifmittel Corporation in its accounting office, while also working on his MBA at NU. He commented, “The MOS certification will be extremely helpful for my current job and future employment. As an accounting major working toward my MBA, Microsoft Excel is one of the necessary tools in business. By knowing how to manipulate and controlling the spreadsheet environment, it will be vital for my future career in accounting.” Ledyard is focusing on a future career in supply chain management and logistics; this certification, in addition to his analytical skills, will be a great asset to any company.

Dr. Rensel remarked, “I am so pleased that these students took the opportunity to achieve this certification. Microsoft Office certification in Excel provides external validation of the broad knowledge of the use of spreadsheet software in the business environment, and gaining this certification required a great deal of individual initiative on the part of both of these students. Congratulations to Jason and Jacob for seizing the opportunity to demonstrate their competence in such an important business technology.”