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Carolyn Makey, Academic Exploration Program Director

We all know the college selection process is intimidating, let alone going into college not knowing what you want to major in. Here’s five reasons why you’re in good hands at Niagara University as an undecided student in our Academic Exploration Program (AEP):

1. Receive individualized and personalized advisement.

You will benefit from hands-on mentorship that is personalized to you. Our AEP faculty and staff offer a supportive environment that encourages and guides you along your path to self-discovery. Your AEP advisor will work directly with you to review academic majors, career information, and to prepare you for class registration.

2. Participate in campus career events and/or attend a class lecture within a prospective major of your interest.

As an AEP student, you will have the chance to attend career events that allow you to branch out and network with a variety of companies and organizations that may peak your interest. You can even attend a class lecture to see what fields of study most interest you without committing to a major.

3. Take advantage of advanced tools and online assessments to help you find your fit.

You will begin your time in AEP with a career assessment that helps pinpoint your most-valued interests and skills. This assessment serves as a catalyst in your journey here at Niagara University as an undecided student, and will help provide a sense of direction moving forward.

4. Take courses that count towards your university requirements.

Along with your AEP advisor, you will work together to select courses that will allow you to study areas of interest while still fulfilling academic and graduation requirements. This allows you to sample courses and find what you’re most passionate about without worrying about falling off of the four-year track to graduation.

5. Learn how your interests, passions, and abilities are transferable.

AEP helps students like you to affirm your individual talents and passions by helping you find a major that best fits your individual circumstances. This is a great way to sample a variety of academic life here at Monteagle Ridge before declaring your major to ensure you are pursuing your passions.

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