Dr. Vincent Agnello — Featured Story

Dr. Vincent Agnello

Niagara University’s College of Business Administration is home to one of the most compassionate, dedicated, and high-achieving individuals in the industry. For over 40 years, Dr. Vincent Agnello has impacted the lives and development of thousands of students on the Niagara campus. He is a graduate of the University of Buffalo where he obtained a B.A. in economics and a Juris Doctorate. He has taught 13 different courses in his career, with his specialty courses being Business Law, Legal Environment of Business, and Law & Ethics.

“I enjoy teaching, connecting with students, and watching them progress from freshmen year straight through senior year or graduate school. It’s amazing to see that major transformation in students,” said Dr. Agnello.

In his first 20 years with Niagara University, he taught full-time and had his law practice. Dr. Angello’s passion for helping others led him to practice criminal law, business law, estate law, and other specializations. He served as the director of the Niagara University Family Business Center from 2003 to 2020 and is currently serving on the Board of Directors of Artpark and chair of the Strategic Planning Committee. He is also active in the environmental movement, as past president of Residents for Responsible Government and currently as a founder of Niagara Watershed Alliance.

Dr. Agnello has a passion for impacting the lives of students from all walks of life. He has had the opportunity to teach at ESSEC in France, as well as at East China University of Science and Technology in Shanghai, China. In the classroom, he emphasizes that students make decisions with integrity and morals to make a positive impact on the world. There is one key theme he tries to impart to students in his classroom.

“Ethics! I am always relating everything to ethics. Encouraging students to get involved and thinking critically about what’s going on with the government,” said Dr. Agnello

More recently, during an ongoing discussion with his former student John Reiger, the global tax and legal financial services leader at Deloitte, the ‘Distinguished Accounting Scholar Accelerated Degree Program’ was innovated and launched in Niagara University’s College of Business Administration. The 3+1 accelerated program allows students to get a head start on their accounting careers by obtaining both their bachelor's and master's degrees in business administration in four years.