Andrew Hayes, '18

Niagara University opened the polls March 22-24 for students to place their vote for their next student body president. By Saturday morning, news was shared that Andrew Hayes, a rising senior theatre design and production major, would be the Niagara University Student Government Association’s president for 2017-2018.

Hayes is no stranger to the community at Niagara University. Since he was a freshman, Hayes has been involved in various clubs and organizations. He is a member of the Love your Melon organization, active with the Office of Admissions, and serves as co-president of NU Players and as an orientation leader for the summer and fall.

Hayes has served as vice president of the NU Class of 2018 during his freshman and sophomore years. He is now finishing up his position as an executive parliamentarian under NUSGA’s current president, Khallid Lewis.

Although Hayes is very involved in the Niagara community, he is also excited to share what he will be focusing on during his presidency.

“I have three panel items I will focus on during my term,” Hayes said. “They are further advocacy for the students, improving upon relationships and building bridges with new administration and staff, and more attendance and participation from students.”

Hayes believes collaboration is one of the first things he must focus on. He will fulfill his role as president with the help of the entire campus community working together to make sure he puts his best foot forward for Niagara and its students.

“I will be working very closely with the director of campus activities, the dean of students, and the vice president of student affairs and enrollment management,” Hayes explained. “Most importantly, I will be outreaching to the student body, especially the clubs and organizations that we fund every semester.”

Hayes emphasized how it is time for the students to “have a say” and make their voices heard.

“I will be making a student body president email account for students to send their concerns and comments to,” Hayes said. “I also want to create a comment and concern box for NUSGA on myNU.”

Article by Shelby Ehrenreich, a senior studying theatre performance, with minors in communication studies and dance.