Cheyenne Freely

It was announced April 6 that Niagara University students had elected Cheyenne Freely as their student body president for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Freely’s election platform slogan was “Advocate. Achieve. Advance.”

A junior political science major, Freely takes great pride in her participation within the NU community. She is currently the NU Class of 2019 vice president, NU pre-law association co-vice president, and a Delta Epsilon Sigma honor society member.

Using her studies at Niagara to fuel her campaign, Freely has recognized areas needing improvement that she believes will impact the lives of all students in a positive way. After implementing her ideas, she hopes that the entire Niagara University community will benefit from her time as student body president.

Based on her experiences, Freely believes that student advocacy is critical for positive engagement at Niagara.

“I plan on adding a diversity chair to the NUSGA executive cabinet to act as a liaison between the groups on campus whose voices may not always be heard as much as they should be,” she said.

In regard to advocacy, Freely plans to give a stronger voice to students and organizations on campus, including the Commuter Advocacy Board, NU Alliance, the Black Student Union and others.

Freely also intends on making students feel more eager to express their concerns and opinions to the board.

“I would like to institute regular town hall meetings so that students feel more comfortable bringing their issues to fellow students in a much less formal environment than our normal Sunday legislative meetings,” she explained

In addition to these ideas, Freely also plans on implementing a program in which NUSGA can participate in projects that help give back to the community, something Niagara University prides itself on.

“I would like to start a tradition within NUSGA called ‘The Legacy Project,’” Freely said. “Each year, the delegations and executive cabinet will adopt a different community project.”

She hopes students will work directly with the IMPACT Office and help change the lives at Niagara and the surrounding community for the better.

With her plans in mind, Freely is excited to see what the upcoming year will bring.

“I would just like to thank everyone who voted and had faith in my vision, and I would like to wish everyone luck in wrapping up this academic year!” she said. “I am always open to any ideas from the student body that they think would improve their experience here at Niagara.”

To contact Freely with questions and ideas for 2018-2019, please email her at or go to the NUSGA website at

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