NU students participated in the Digital Monster Challenge Competition April 24, which was sponsored by the accounting society and College of Business Administration.
Fifty-five students and faculty gathered in the Gallagher Center’s Multi-Purpose Room at noon on Monday, April 24, to compete in the Digital Monster Challenge and show off their computational skills and compete for the title of “Digital Monster.” The event was sponsored by the accounting society and the College of Business Administration.

During an intense 10-minute competition in which the students tried to correctly answer as many simple computational questions as possible,  three students beat the other competitors with their exceptional performance and became the prized winners.

The winners were:

  1. Elizabeth Faxlanger – first prize, $100 Target gift card
  2. Steven Shirmer – second prize,  $50 Target gift card
  3. Brooke Janson – third prize, $25 Target gift card

Dr. Lei Han, associate professor of accounting and moderator for the accounting society, has been working with the club since 2011. She explained how one of the purposes is to connect with CPAs from accounting firms and, together with accounting faculty and students, visit local high schools to promote careers in the  accounting industry.

“The accounting society has been active on campus for more than 30 years, trying to provide students and the community a better understanding of accounting in interesting and creative ways,” Dr. Han said. “With the support from the Dean’s Office and our faculty, the officers and club members worked very hard to make this event happen. We were very happy to see such a good turnout and so excited to notice how well the activity was received by the participants.”