Ronald Winkley — Featured Story

Criminology and Criminal Justice Professor Ronald Winkley

Here on Monteagle Ridge, criminology and criminal justice students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with their coursework. Professor Ronald Winkley tells us how the criminology and criminal justice field experience course helps students find their fit:

What is the intended purpose of the field experience course?

This course allows students to experience a field that they are interested in and to decide if this is (what) they want to continue to pursue into their professional careers. This gives them insight into what they are going to do as young criminology and criminal justice professionals.

What do you hope to have students learn from this course?

I hope students develop a newfound appreciation for the agencies they are working with - police, courts, domestic violence units, etc. - the reality of the job, and ultimately if they feel the agency they are working with is a good fit for them.

What have been students’ overall experiences with the field experience?

This course has allowed students to find what areas of the criminology and criminal justice field peak their interest, and to understand the kind of work they are looking to get into. With the networking opportunities entailed with this field experience, students often receive advice from the agencies they are working with on how to pursue a job upon graduation with the agency.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of this course for you as a professor?

It is very rewarding to be able to work with students to talk with them about what their goals are, and to help them decide where they ultimately want to be from a career standpoint upon graduation. The students get to experience real world work, and they come out with a better understanding of the people doing the job.

With Professor Winkley’s expertise in the field, he has emphasized the importance of students taking advantage of these networking opportunities to broaden their knowledge to best prepare them for taking on their professional careers in criminology and criminal justice.

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