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Dr. David Taylor, Associate Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice

With Niagara University’s criminology and criminal justice curriculum, our students have the unique opportunity to work closely with well-versed professors and Career Services to help them prepare for their professional careers.

Dr. David Taylor, associate professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Niagara University, created the Careers in Criminal Justice course to help students learn and develop skills that are essential for lifelong career planning. Topics of the course include strategies to tackle the internship and job search process, how to build a resume, and practice interviews, among others.

“This course has academic content as well as writing assignments, but it also results in the production of actual products that the students can make use of right away,” said Taylor. “It puts some structure in place for students to push this higher on the priority list and earlier in their academic careers.”

The intended purpose of this course is to get students thinking about career preparation as early as their freshmen and sophomore years, and to help students feel better prepared in taking on the professional world.

“My personal experiences have been that students are far too passive in taking the reins of their own career planning,” said Taylor. “I find it is something they are not - for the most part - giving serious and intentional thought to.”

Incorporating Career Services into this course helps to better connect students with the wide variety of support and services provided by their office. As part of the course, Career Services helps review student resumes and cover letters to ensure students have the materials they need to successfully compete in the job market.

“The most important aspect of this course is that students will leave the class with a professional resume and cover letter, a better sense of who they are, a greater understanding of the critical importance of career planning, and the opportunity to speak with a wide variety of professionals in the field,” said Taylor.

The course also features presentations by recruiters and professionals across the spectrum of criminal justice, along with financial literacy, personal brand development, and managing social media content. This is just one of many criminology and criminal justice opportunities offered to students.

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