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Niagara University’s Early Science Opportunities Program students

Dr. Virginia E. Glazier, assistant professor of biology, has a commitment to the mentorship and the education of the next generation of scientist. Her journey at Niagara University has exemplified her passion for student learning through developing opportunities for students to best succeed on a college campus. 

One of Dr. Glazier’s signature programs is Early Science Opportunities, a head start program for incoming science students who face socioeconomic hardships. The program provides first-year students with the ability to get acclimated and introduced to the Niagara campus a week before the incoming class arrives. 

“Early Science Opportunities is a program developed to integrate students with the campus. Students get to know the faculty, research opportunities, and resources offered on campus, so that can they can be more engaged,” Dr. Glazier said. 

The week provides an immersive experience filled with activities, workshops, counseling, team-building exercises, and local trips. Meals are also provided during the duration of the program. 

“During the mentoring session, they meet with current students to receive advice that professors can’t give them, such as coursework, student balance, and tips on entering college,” Dr. Glazier said. 

The hard work showcased by Dr. Glazier and her team has produced very good results. By diligently choosing students who would best benefit from this program, she has given an opportunity for these students to receive the support necessary to complete their degree. 

“The students that participate in the program do really awesome at Niagara! They are more involved on campus than other students. In fact the president of the biology club was an Early Science Opportunities student. Our students take advantage of the internships, work in laboratories, and are very successful within the department,” said Dr. Glazier.

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