Some college courses end with tests and capstone projects. In Dr. Ashleigh Molloy’s EDU439A course, students collaborated to create a video acknowledging the dedication of educators working with students with special needs.

“I'm a professionally trained musician and constantly use music in my classes,” Dr. Molloy said. “I wanted to provide a collaborative experience between myself and my students. I felt it important that the culmination of the course should validate our learning. In consultation with the students, we settled on filming the video.”

Dr. Molloy and his students wrote the words to honor the dignity of the students they teach and as a testimony to future Niagara University teachers, he said. They chose the title “We Will Rock You” to highlight the impact that the students will have on the education system.

“They will affect change (rock the system) for the better and will cherish this song as their anthem,” Dr. Molloy said.

The students participated as musicians and dancers in the video, some waving flags representing the diversity of the class, as Dr. Molloy sang lines such as “You’ll inspire and nurture each, like grains of sand upon a beach,” and “Teachers are we proud to be, gifts in students do we see,” in the foreground.

“The video was a first for all of us and one of which we are extremely proud,” he said.

To view the video, click here.

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