Dr. Caitlin Riegel, assistant professor in the College of Education, presented her research on "Encouraging Teachers to ‘Lean in’ to AI: Identifying the Possibilities of Artificial Intelligence" at the New York State Association of Teacher Educators/New York Association of Colleges for Teacher Education’s annual fall conference, held in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., Oct. 25-27, 2023.

Dr. Riegel’s presentation focused on innovative ways artificial intelligence can be harnessed by teachers. Acknowledging that AI has brought challenges in the field of education, she says that leveraging its capabilities can also provide a vast number of benefits to teachers, including the ability to develop innovative instruction, meet administrative demands, and combat burnout that stems from time-consuming tasks.

“The way teachers and students complete tasks and learn and access information has been forever changed with access to AI,” Dr. Riegel said. “If teachers can ‘lean in’ to AI, the advantages it brings both personally and professionally may outweigh the challenges long term.”

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