Dr. Carrie Glenn, assistant professor of history at Niagara University, was recently named social media editor for Age of Revolutions, a digital peer-reviewed academic journal surveying revolutionary changes in history, encouraging the comparative study of revolutions, and exploring the hopes imbued in the term “revolution.” She will be responsible for growing the journal's online presence across different social media platforms.

Specializing in short, accessible pieces showcasing cutting-edge research, Age of Revolutions publishes new scholarship nearly every week and boasts an international readership.

“I am interested in working with other academics committed to producing public-facing scholarship,” said Dr. Glenn, whose research on “The Economic Authority of Cap-Français’ Marchandes de Couleur on the Eve of Haitian Independence” was published by the journal in 2020. “Pieces published in Age of Revolutions are read by academics, university and high school students, and members of the general public. As social media editor, I get to brainstorm new ways to bring this cutting-edge scholarship to new audiences.”

Dr. Glenn earned her B.A. in history from the University of California, Los Angeles, her M.A. in history from California State University, Los Angeles, and her Ph.D. from the University of Delaware. She is working on a book project that explores the short- and long-term, local and far-reaching reverberations of the Haitian Revolution from the perspective of Marie Rose Poumaroux (a marchande de couleur) and Elizabeth Beauveau (a white itinerant American), and on a digital humanities project in collaboration with Camille Cordier (Université Lumiere Lyon) that aims to offer the public a unique view on colonial urban slavery and post-slavery society by focusing on Le Cap, Haiti, one of the Atlantic World’s key commercial centers.

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