Stories of chance encounters, a missing family, and an arrest ​are among those included in “Niagaras of Ink: Famous Writers at the Falls,” by Dr. Jamie Carr, associate professor of English at Niagara University. The book features both travel essays by well-known 19th and early 20th century British and American authors who visited Niagara Falls and anecdotes about their experiences while they were there.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, Anthony Trollope, Charles Dickens, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Oscar Wilde, and Mark Twain are among the writers included in the collection, which was published in September 2020 by SUNY Press.

Dr. Carr first began exploring the topic after learning that Wilde had visited the Falls in the early 1880s, and discovered, through subsequent research, that many writers had not only come to the Falls, but had written about them, as well.

“I really liked this idea of connecting literature to the landscape, of seeing something familiar through a writer’s eyes, and possibly seeing the landscape anew,” she said. “I am really excited to contribute to the preservation of the cultural heritage of Niagara Falls. I think stories can connect people to places, and when we feel connected to a place, we care about what happens to it.”