Dr. Marissa Rhodes

Dr. Marissa Rhodes, visiting professor in Niagara University’s history department, developed an exhibit for Kenmore Mercy Hospital as part of the institution’s celebration of its 68th anniversary. Sisters of Mercy of the Americas/Kenmore Mercy Hospital Heritage Exhibit, which was dedicated on Oct. 7, 2019, honors the contributions of the Sisters, who founded the hospital.

Using oral histories and archival research, Dr. Rhodes put together digital and physical heritage exhibits that trace the major milestones of the Sisters and the hospital. The display, which will continue to expand over the years, is located on the second floor of the hospital and features artifacts, photographs of early contributors, and a timeline of the progressive growth of Kenmore Mercy. It also includes a digital component that features interviews with key players in the hospital history, as well as additional photos and newspaper clippings.

“I enjoy integrating my scholarship and using my research skills to engage with the public,” Dr. Rhodes said. “The administrators at Kenmore Mercy, their mission integration director, and the Kenmore Mercy Foundation board have expressed a new appreciation for the complexity and skills associated with historical research and interpretation. Their feedback was so gratifying because so few people know what academic historians do.”