Kathleen Wong, Ph.D.

Dr. Kathleen Wong, an adjunct faculty member of Niagara University’s College of Education in Ontario, has been selected by the Canadian Educational Researchers’ Association (CERA) to receive the 2016 R.W.B. Jackson Award.

The award is given for the most outstanding English-language article in each volume of the Canadian Journal of Education. It is based on the following criteria: importance and originality of the study; appropriateness and rigor of methods; significance of the results to the Canadian education community; and quality of writing.

Dr. Wong is being recognized for an article she wrote that appears in Volume 38, Issue 3, of the journal, titled Implementing Parent Engagement Policy in an Increasingly Culturally Diverse Community of New Immigrants: How New is “New”? The study sheds light on the implementation of the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Parent Engagement Policy for Ontario Schools. Its results reveal that the actual and desired levels of engagement are different between new immigrants and the established or non-immigrant families, and that teacher education in parent engagement is desirable in optimizing parent partnerships.

Dr. Wong will receive the award during the CERA Annual General Meeting, which is being held May 30 at the University of Calgary.   

“Being selected as the recipient of this CERA award means a lot to me,” said Dr. Wong, who received her doctorate in 2014 as part of Niagara University’s first Ph.D. cohort in leadership and policy. “It is a reaffirmation of the significance of my research by researchers across the country.”

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