Carrie Teresa — Featured Story

Since joining the department in 2014, Dr. Carrie Teresa, chair and assistant professor of Communication Studies, has worked extensively to help students find opportunities to succeed outside the classroom at NU. To her, these collaboration efforts with students have evolved into a valuable component of her job.

"I really love working with students, whether it is in the classroom or for independent studies, Honors theses, or extracurricular activities, such as the student newspaper, the Niagara Wire, or our radio station, WNIA. Our students are motivated, hard-working, and intellectually curious, and helping them to reach their academic and professional goals is very rewarding."

Teaching a variety of classes, headlined by CMS 395: Mass Communications Law, her dedication in caring and supporting students is a long-lasting reflection of the CMS department and its faculty. 

“My department consists of excellent teachers and mentors. Dr. Tewksbury, Dr. Sirianni, Dr. Barner and I try to go above and beyond - not only in the classroom, but also by advising extracurricular activities and helping students with networking for internships and jobs. We work very hard to ensure that by the time CMS students graduate, they will have hands-on experience in their chosen field of expertise." 

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