Julie Candella, ’13, senior assistant director of admissions, showed NU’s accepted students how to make ricotta gnocchi.

Niagara University’s accepted students didn’t have to step on campus to take their first class at NU. On Friday, April 17, Julie Candella, ’13, senior assistant director of admissions, invited them, via a private Facebook page for incoming students, into her Lewiston, N.Y., kitchen to learn how to make ricotta gnocchi. The half-hour class was viewed 89 times. 

“We like to keep our incoming class engaged,” Candella explained, “and I wanted to mix it up so that they did not feel like it was all about academics or finances and more about fun!” 

Candella achieved this goal. “A student commented, saying watching this was a nice relief to her school work,” she said. “That made it worth it.” 

Juilies kitchen classroom3

Julie Candella's kitchen classroom.

The coronavirus pandemic has not deterred Niagara University’s admissions team from connecting with students. Using phone calls, texts, email, ZOOM, and Facetime, and through the many virtual events the department is hosting, they are assuring students that counselors are there for them during this trying time.

Upcoming events include BINGO and “Spirit Week” activities during the first week in May.