Dr. Grace Liao, Dr. Dennis Nsafoah, Dr. Krieg Tidemann, Dr. Galina Boiarintseva, Dr. Mark Frascatore.

The Holzschuh College of Business Administration celebrated the culmination of the 2023-2024 academic year with an end-of-year dinner, honoring the dedication and achievements of its faculty and staff. This annual event, held on April 30, 2024, brought together the college’s academic community in a festive atmosphere, reflecting on the past year’s accomplishments and looking ahead to future endeavors.

Dr. Mark Frascatore, dean of the college, was happy to announce exciting news within the college’s administration.

“The Holzschuh College of Business at Niagara University Ontario is pleased to announce the appointment of Galina Boiarintseva as the inaugural director of external relations. In this role, Galina will spearhead efforts to create, maintain, and manage relationships with external partners from industry and the community. With a strong background in strategic partnership development and community engagement, she is well-equipped to enhance the college’s visibility and reputation. Her responsibilities will include identifying and fostering relationships with industry leaders, alumni, and other external stakeholders, representing the college at external events, and planning and executing events that engage external partners.”

Dr. Frascatore expressed his gratitude for the hard work and commitment demonstrated by the faculty and staff throughout the year. He announced the faculty awards for excellence in each of the three essential functions of a professor – teaching, research, and service.

This year’s Teacher of the Year award was presented to Dr. Dennis Nsafoah, assistant professor of economics. He joined the college in the fall of 2021, after receiving his Ph.D. in economics from University of Calgary. Dr. Frascatore commented that “Dr. Nsafoah is widely regarded as an intelligent, approachable teacher who is genuinely interested in his students’ success.”

Dr. Nsafoah shared his thoughts, “Teaching economics is not just a profession for me; it is my passion. There is nothing more fulfilling than sharing knowledge with students and witnessing their growth firsthand.”

 His educational philosophy centers on engaging students with passion, respect, and a commitment to real-world applicability. He finds that his approach not only fosters an environment where learning thrives but has also led to highly positive course evaluations. He has integrated initiatives like the College Fed Challenge and interactive classroom games into his teaching style to make economic principles tangible and engaging.

The Researcher of the Year award was presented to Dr. Hsin-Yi (Grace) Liao, assistant professor of marketing. She joined the faculty in August of 2022, after completing her Ph.D. in business administration with a specialization in Marketing from the University of Texas at Arlington.

Dr. Frascatore remarked, “Dr. Liao is in just her second year at NU, but has already registered an ‘A Journal’ with the recent publication of her paper in the Journal of Business Research.”

Dr. Liao’s research interests include sales management and behavior. Her recent publication, “Synergies between salesperson orientations and sales force control: A person-organization fit perspective on adaptive selling behaviors and sales performance” was published in the Journal of Business Research, examining why and when different salesperson orientations benefit organizations.

Liao actively presents her work at academic conferences in the marketing discipline, including the American Marketing Association Conference and the Society for Marketing Advances Conference. Adopting diverse theories and methodologies, she is interested in exploring personal and social factors that affect individual attitudes and behaviors in different marketing contexts.

The Service of the Year award was awarded to Dr. Krieg Tiedemann, assistant professor of economics. He received his Ph.D. in economics from Syracuse University in 2019 and joined the business faculty in the fall of 2019.

Dr. Frascatore observed that, “In his five years in the college, Dr. Tidemann has been a driving force on multiple college and university committees, as well as a regular participant in open house and other campus events.”

Dr. Tidemann’s service is grounded in his passion for the power of assessment and accreditation to ensure a transformational, high quality educational experience for all HCBA students. His interests in these areas led him to serve as chair of the college’s assessment committee (QAAC), contribute as a member of the university’s Middle States steering committee (co-chairing the work group focused on assessment across all of Niagara’s academic programs), and leading the college’s current effort to strategically revisit its student knowledge goals. He also served on the International Vincentian Business Ethics Conference's planning committee and is organizing next year’s conference (virtually hosted by NU).

Congratulations to the faculty award recipients!