Niagara University’s Office of International Relations and Brennan Center celebrated International Week 2020 with a variety of (mostly) virtual events that took participants around the world to explore, enjoy, and learn about a variety of different cultures through food and fun.

The festivities began on Nov. 15 with a livestreamed Mass dedicated to international students. Daily, from Monday through Friday, the Gallagher Center featured the cuisines of Asia, Africa, North America (including a Thanksgiving-inspired dinner), Europe, and South America. In the evening, students tested their knowledge during a trivia game, had their questions answered during a town hall and an open house, showcased their vocal skills at Karaoke Night, and learned how careers can be seen as relationships at Zoom presentations.

“We know that COVID-19 has changed the way we normally operate during this fun and exciting time,” said Kathryn DeCecco, assistant director of international student services. “However, we worked hard to ensure that International Week 2020 was as amazing as possible.”

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