Doug Stire’s job as logistics manager for Linde, a leading global industrial gases and engineering company, may never be more crucial than it is right now, during the coronavirus pandemic. The marketing major began working for the company after he graduated in 2013, and is responsible for ensuring that his team safely, reliably, and efficiently supplies essential products such as medical oxygen to hospitals and emergency services groups, liquid nitrogen and carbon dioxide for many food items, and other gases to maintain the U.S.’s operating infrastructure, in compliance with FDA standards.

When he first heard about COVID-19, Doug began looking for information to keep himself and his team educated because, as a vital part of the supply chain, he knew they needed to follow the recommendations of the CDC in order to stay heathy. This is especially important, given the increasing demands for their products.

“Linde is prioritizing the supply of oxygen and essential medical gases in order to support hospitals, doctors, nurses, and medical professionals as they care for patients with COVID-19,” he said. “(We) are working very closely with local healthcare providers to anticipate demand and increase deliveries.”

Doug notes that he is not the only NU alum involved in this effort.

“At Linde, there are many Niagara alumni who are working endless hours to make sure our world has the industrial gases needed to help us overcome this worldwide pandemic,” he said. “I am grateful to work for a company that is having a positive impact on COVID-19.”

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