Kim Heffler, administrative assistant in Niagara University's Office of Human Resources, is presented with the Outstanding Employee Award by the Rev. James J. Maher, C.M., NU president, and Donna Mostiller, director of human resources.

Kim Heffler, administrative assistant in Niagara University’s Office of Human Resources, was presented with NU’s Outstanding Employee Award today by the Rev. James J. Maher, C.M., president.

Heffler, a Lewiston resident, began working at Niagara in November 2011.

Donna Mostiller, director of human resources, said that Heffler has the responsibility of supporting three managers – and simply managing their calendars would be a tremendous undertaking on its own. Yet Heffler deftly fields questions from all levels of the university, which can range from inquiries regarding benefits to payroll and hiring practices. Even when the person on the other end of the line may be angry or frustrated, Heffler handles each call with great respect and care.

“Being on the frontline of a busy office is sometimes a challenge, but Kim always approaches her role as the consummate professional,” Mostiller said.

Heffler’s colleague, Rita Geiben, spoke of her Vincentian values. “Kim exemplifies the Vincentian values here at work but also in her home life,” Geiben said. “Kim organizes the Christmas family gift giving here in HR. She makes sure everything is wrapped beautifully and then delivers the presents. She is the first one to volunteer when asked for a community project. She has instilled these same values in her children. They excel in everything they do and this is because of Kim’s commitment to her family. I have had the honor of working with Kim for five years and I have never seen her refuse to help anyone.”

In addition, Heffler has been recognized through Purple Pats for her conscientious work ethic and willingness to always help out. As her supervisor stated, a recurring theme through all of Heffler’s efforts is her ability and willingness to treat people in a manner that emphasizes their importance and honors the God-given dignity of each person.

Nominations for the Outstanding Employee Award are made by NU employees, students, alumni, parents, or other persons who come in contact with university employees. Honorees are eligible to receive gift certificates to area amenities, movie passes, two days off during the next quarter, NU athletics tickets and a universal parking tag that can be used in any non-handicapped parking spot on campus.

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