Lindsey Zajac, Vice President of Talent Solutions, Career Partners International Buffalo Niagara

April 13, 2023: The Holzschuh College of Business Administration was honored to welcome this year’s final speaker in its Leadership Speaker Series, Lindsey Zajac, Vice President of Talent Solutions, Career Partners International Buffalo Niagara. The session opened with highlights of Lindsey’s many accomplishments, which set the stage for “How to Take Ownership of Your Career,” an excellent approach for NU’s business students.

Lindsey took the floor and began her talk with the overarching idea that knowing oneself is critical to a successful career and life. She referred to her own career to demonstrate that, as you start out,  you refine self-knowledge and build your career by traversing the hills and valleys of life. From this perspective, the reality of career development is not the linear path often imagined as people begin their careers, but rather comes through living your values and being hardworking and persistent.

Next, Lindsey spoke about the importance of building a skill set so that you stand out, and having a mentor. Skills include not only those associated with your field of study, but also broader skills that lead to success in any job. Experience and getting involved (e.g., student clubs, internships, part-time jobs) are some of the most effective ways to hone your skills, and you should set annual goals related to skill development.

Networking is also an important component of career development. Lindsey noted that 75% of jobs are secured through one’s network. Networks also offer opportunities for exposure, support, guidance, and industry insights. Students might find it easier to attend networking events if they go with someone they know, and should consider joining professional associations, chambers of commerce, and alumni networks to build these important connections.

Lindsey’s final topics were searching for a job and having a positive growth mindset. She presented the idea that the job you are interested in may not be the job you are most qualified for; understanding yourself is the key to minimizing this gap and finding work aligned with your strengths and weaknesses. It is also important to connect to people through your network and be thoroughly prepared for your interview. She also noted that finding a job requires persistence and sometimes the willingness to take a job as you work toward future opportunities. All of this - career development and your job search - are best exercised with a positive, growth mindset.

Wrapping up, Lindsey shared a quote from Donovan Bailey to inspire the audience: “Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and, above all, don’t let anyone limit your dreams!”

About 15 students attended this informative and inspiring event. In addition, Dean Mark Frascatore, Dr. Ann Rensel, Mr. Phil Catanese, and Dr. Lisa Williams from the Holzschuh College of Business Administration were in attendance. We were also happy to host Brandi Guerinot, M.A., from the College of Hospitality, Sport, and Tourism Management.

A special note of thanks is extended to Phil Catanese for his valuable support in the planning and execution of this important event.

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