Professor Mitchell Alegre

Mitchell Alegre, instructor of management and leadership in Niagara University’s College of Business Administration, has been named chair of the Western New York Student Leadership and Engagement Consortium.

The consortium is part of WNY College Connection, a collaborative entity among 21 regional colleges and universities.

The WNY Student Leadership and Engagement Consortium is a group of higher education professionals who collaborate to share expertise, leverage resources, explore best practices, provide student programming, and expand the impact of their work. Consortium members seek to inspire students to explore a life of active citizenship through the process of leadership development.

Alegre and Dr. Donna Phillips, associate professor in NU’s College of Education, are also members of the College Connection’s newly formed WNY contemplative faculty/staff group. The group serves as a hub to bring professionals together across disciplines and institutional boundaries to promote the educational efficacy of contemplative practices.

Alegre also serves on the consortium’s strategic planning and community outreach committees.

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