Mr. David Nasca, President & CEO of Evans Bank, spoke to students during the Leadership Speaker Series on Oct 25, 2022

On October 25, 2022 the Holzschuh College of Business Administration was honored to welcome Mr. David Nasca, President and CEO of Evans Bank, as the inaugural speaker for its Leadership Speaker Series. Before the event opened, Mr. Nasca spent time meeting the students and learning about them. The session was opened by Dean Mark Frascatore, who introduced and presented Mr. Nasca’s varied work and service experiences. This highly engaged and committed leader provided an excellent model of successful leadership for our students.

Mr. Nasca began his talk with the overarching idea of using his philosophy and values as the lenses for his career choices. These perspectives allowed him to align his decisions with his authentic self, which supported his leadership path. He explained that, during his college years and early career, he explored several interests, and that others’ careers may take a similar road. This approach, coupled with humility and many hours of hard work in the field, distinguished his work ethic and what he would bring to his leadership roles. People noticed, and he was offered opportunities to continue his growth and contributions.

In addition, Mr. Nasca attributed his achievements to his willingness to accept challenges, focus on networking, and luck. With regard to challenges, others often reached out to him to lead initiatives they knew would be difficult because he had previous success. This history built on itself to continue opening doors. These doors also provided exposure to many people. Still, Mr. Nasca did not stop at exposure but made a point to develop relationships that he maintains to this day. He shared that he has literally thousands of people who he can call on, and who can call on him. He also emphasized the fact that people are usually very happy to help, and students should not be afraid to reach out to someone they want to know more about, or who might be able to help them. Finally, Mr. Nasca noted that, while not a substitute for hard work, luck and sometimes the right mentor or situation finds you and has an impact on your future.

About 45 students, in addition to faculty and administrators, were in attendance. Students reported the event to be interesting, educational, and inspiring. We thank Mr. Nasca for sharing his afternoon with the Holzschuh College Of Business Administration. Additional thanks are extended to Phil Catanese, Gerry Catalano, and Melissa Heidt for their valuable support in the planning and execution of this important inaugural event.


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