Niagara University’s outstanding academic experience, affordability, career services, and employability of its graduates keep it among the best schools in the Northeast, according to The Princeton Review. Niagara University is one of only two local colleges, and the only private university in the Buffalo-Niagara region, that the well-known education services company recommends in its “Best in the Northeast” section of its feature, “2021 Best Colleges: Region by Region.”

Academically, Niagara University offers its students “a friendly learning community” and an education that “is very focused on service and the Vincentian tradition,” according to students in the survey. Students also noted that “There are also many resources available to us and various classes that are truly staples to helping us with real world situations within our careers.”

Niagara’s typical class size of 10-20, and its 11:1 student/faculty ratio were also noted by students, who said that they love Niagara’s “small size and individual attention” as well as the “family-like support system.” They also rate the faculty highly in terms of their accessibility outside the classroom for one-on-one engagement, and describe them as “fantastic” and “very approachable and knowledgeable.” One student reported that “Most of my professors have fulfilled my expectations of a teacher: polite, humorous, reasonable, and stimulates interest in his/her class.”

Additionally, Niagara University’s graduation rate (63% of students graduate in four years) and its post-graduation placement rate (97% are either employed or in graduate school) factored into the university’s place on the list.

Niagara University, which has been named as a top educational institution by The Princeton Review for several years, and the University at Buffalo are the only local colleges to appear on the “Best in the Northeast” list.

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