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Robert Rich (left), Monique Kack North (center), and Mike Riccio (right) are members of the Center for Supply Chain Excellence Advisory Board

The Center for Supply Chain Excellence Advisory Board is dedicated to promoting regional education in supply chain business fields, including logistics, transportation, and global trade. This collaborative effort amongst business firms, Niagara University, and the College of Business Administration provides essential education programs and courses in supply chain fields, and helps to prepare students for the increasing demands of the supply chain sector.

Robert RichPresident of ROAR Logistics, Inc.

Robert Rich offers real-world supply chain and logistics knowledge to the advisory board. ROAR Logistics, Inc., is a third-party logistics company that specializes in domestic intermodal and truckload transportation, as well as international shipping, customs, and forwarding services. With this experience Rich is able to offer insight into family businesses and the logistics of the supply chain.

The Center for Supply Chain Excellence Advisory Board is composed of a diverse group of individuals with vast knowledge of the supply chain industry, and Rich enjoys expanding his network and knowledge base to help benefit the center. He also enjoys working with students to help instill in them his knowledge of supply chain logistics, and often looks to recruit students to work for his company.

Monique Kack NorthVice President of Supply Chain Solutions at Logistics Services & Solutions, Inc.

Monique Kack North has over 20 years of experience on boards for not-for-profit organizations supporting health, youth, education, arts, sports, and logistics/supply chain. She also has more than 30 years of experience as a senior executive in global supply chain and operations in the retail, food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, and apparel sectors.

With this experience Kack North enjoys contributing and adding value to the advisory board through discussions of experience. The advisory board provides accounts of real-life experience, expertise, advice, and contribution to strategy to help strengthen the networks of the board.

Kack North also looks forward to mentoring students through Niagara University’s mentoring program. She enjoys helping students discover what is possible through authentic, objective discussions, and guiding them given her experience, connections, and knowledge within the field.

Mike RiccioChief Marketing Office of Leonard’s Express

Mike Riccio has more than 35 years of experience working in the supply chain industry. Riccio enjoys working with the advisory board as it provides a new, fresh perspective on industry topics, and it is beneficial to hear from other board members with diverse skill sets and experiences. The board offers information and insight on the importance of the supply chain industry, as well as the necessity of the supply chain to our economy.

In addition to serving on the advisory board, Riccio also serves as a mentor to a Niagara University student. He values watching students learn and absorb information and knowledge on the transportation industry, which is one of his areas of expertise. Riccio is also co-teaching a course with another Niagara University professor on transportation systems and policy. He enjoys when students utilize some of his advice, and making an impactful mark on students’ lives. 

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