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Allanna Kelly-Beaton (left) and Anne Constantino (right) are members of the College of Business Administration Advisory Board

The Niagara University College of Business Administration Advisory Board is a volunteer group formed to support the initiatives of the college as well as the university and its students. The advisory board is made up of business professionals that contribute to the organization in many different ways. Allanna Kelly-Beaton and Anne Constantino both serve as members of the College of Business Administration Advisory Board, and contribute to the success of the board with their knowledge, networks, and resources.

Allanna Kelly-Beaton | Co-Owner of Kelton Enterprises, LLC

As a new member of the College of Business Administration Advisory Board, Allanna Kelly-Beaton has served by providing guidance for Niagara University’s strategic plan. She has also participated in a discussion panel for students and local entrepreneurs on marketing, advertising, and sales.

Kelly-Beaton has had the opportunity to work with many students from Niagara University. Some of the primary roles in her company are filled by Niagara University graduates. She has also had numerous students complete for internships in accounting, human resources, and management benefitting from hands-on learning in their respective fields of study.

Anne Constantino | President and CEO of Horizon Health Services

Anne Constantino has taken a particular interest in serving on Niagara University’s advisory board because it provides an opportunity for higher education institutions to meet the needs and demands of employers. When colleges and universities, such as Niagara University, are able to attract talent to Western New York, the community is able to attain the benefits of such talent.

In addition to her role on the advisory board, Constantino has been a guest speaker in classes at Niagara University, as well as on-campus events. Her recruiting team in particular has had a lot of interaction with Niagara students, given their direct work with student interns.