This month marks the two-year anniversary of Niagara University’s permanent location in Vaughan, Ontario, a collaboration that has strengthened Niagara’s binational presence, given students and alumni a place to call their Niagara University home, and continued the 37-year legacy of Niagara alumni who take on professional levels of leadership across all professions in Canada.

In January 2019, Niagara University in Ontario welcomed approximately 300 students in its Bachelor of Professional Studies and Master of Science in Educational Leadership programs to its new location in the Vaughan Metropolitan Center, becoming the first-ever university to be established in the City of Vaughan and York Region.

Course offerings were expanded in fall 2020 with the addition of master’s degree programs in business administration and information security and digital forensics. To provide pathways into these programs, which were established with consent from the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities, partnerships with 10 area colleges were established to enable students who complete certain degree programs to seamlessly transfer their credits.

In October 2020, Niagara University in Ontario awarded degrees to its first class of graduates from its Vaughan location. In addition to having the knowledge and skills to take their place as leaders in their industries, these new alumni, in Niagara’s Vincentian tradition, also have a sound understanding of stewardship and the importance of assisting those who are less fortunate.

“Two years ago, Niagara University became a permanent part of the Vaughan community,” said the Rev. James Maher, C.M., Niagara University president. “This partnership enables us to better serve the students who will become Ontario’s future teachers, educational and business leaders, as well as create seamless pathways for students to complete master’s degrees in critical industries of growth regionally and nationally. The continuing collaboration with Mayor Bevilacqua and the City of Vaughan has reinforced our commitment to build and sustain our cross-border community; to support a new generation of compassionate, dedicated, and successful graduates; and to become the premier binational university within the Province of Ontario.”

To provide experiential opportunities for its students, as well as support the local business community, Niagara University in Ontario is also actively involved with the Vaughn Chamber of Commerce.

“I look forward to working with the City of Vaughan, with the goal of identifying and developing sustainable programs that meet the needs of our community, that make a positive contribution to the economic development of the city, and that positively impact or influence the lives of families in Vaughan,” said Dr. Vince Rinaldo, vice president, Ontario Administration.

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