Dr. Galina Boiarintseva, assistant professor of management at Niagara University’s Vaughan, Ontario campus site, brought a group of students from its master’s degree programs in business administration and information security and digital forensics to the university’s Lewiston campus on Oct. 13, 2023, to learn more about the history of the university and meet members of the faculty and administration.

Dr. James Kling, associate professor of management, led a tour of the campus before the group gathered in Bisgrove Hall to network with the U.S.-based faculty and administration. The trip concluded after a visit to the nearby Town of Lewiston, where the students had lunch and took in the sights.

Dr. Boiarintseva is also leading an international trip for MBA students from May 18-June 1, 2024. “Bridging Theory and Practice in Seasoned Italian Businesses” will provide a unique opportunity to explore the rich business landscape, cultural heritage, and gastronomy of Italy.

The group will visit family-owned wineries, Parmigiano Reggiano factories, Ferrari and Ducati manufacturers, the Ferragamo headquarters, the Bank of Italy, a balsamic vinegar production factory, and movie studios. They will also explore renowned Italian landmarks such as the Colosseum, Vatican City, Florence Cathedral, and prepare traditional Italian dishes during a cooking class.

“This MBA trip to Italy aims to provide our students with a comprehensive understanding of Italian business practices and cultural heritage,” Dr. Boiarintseva said. “It will be a valuable opportunity for them to gain real-world insights, connect learned theory to practice in the international context, expand their global perspective, and foster personal and professional growth.”

Dr. Boiarintseva led a similar group tour in 2022 to Bologna, Modena, and Rome.