The urban ministry certificate is back by popular demand – with a new community and vocational focus.

Urban Ministry 2.0 is a newly redesigned professional development training at Niagara University that focuses on how the urban environment is affected by churches, faith-based groups, and spirituality. It will be offered this fall.

Urban Ministry 2.0 consists of two classes that explore the history, basic fundamentals, and opportunities associated with urban ministry. Students enrolled will gain insight to use for supporting their local churches or for possible vocational and counseling assistance.

These are professional development classes with faculty, teachers, and experts who are leaders in the areas of urban ministry, faith, and religion. This program is valuable and useful for lay leaders, church leaders, and anyone interested in faith or ministry.

The program begins with a mandatory orientation session on Sept. 6. Weekly classes commence Sept. 13. Pre-registration is required.

Urban Ministry 2.0 was redesigned with input from previous students, faculty, and community leaders. It has been developed to provide more continuity and will feature community guest lecturers in many of the classes. Many aspects of interfaith will be discussed, reviewed and discovered. Courses do not come from one specific area of religion but allow participants to explore faith from many different perspectives, facts, and opinions.

This program is supported by the Rev. Joseph L. Levesque, C.M. Institute for Civic Engagement. In order to be most effective and impact our community, the tuition costs are covered by the institute. The only cost is a $30 application fee.

For enrollment information, please contact NU’s Office of Continuing Education at 716.286.8181 or ude.aragain@ec. An application and full list of courses are available online at

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