Students at Niagara University competed for cash inside the Gallagher Center’s Multi-Purpose Room on Jan. 29. The students participated in “Family Feud,” a game where multiple “family” members on separate teams compete for cash.

Teams Funwow and Hanacroft were the first to compete that night.

Team Hanacroft later won the entire game with 524 points. The team members received a total of $100 that was split amongst them.

Uptown Entertainment & Events, a company located in Lockport, N.Y., provided the entertainment. Host DJ Larry McKenzie curated the event with his witty sense of humor.

The night was filled with fun and food as students attempted to guess the correct answers to several surveys. The audience was repeatedly warned to keep quiet so that the game would not be spoiled for the contestants.

The surveys asked contestants to name: a famous mountain range, the biggest event in a teenager’s life and something that you would give a pirate.

After the general game was played, students participated in a “fast money” round. This required two participants to face off for $5. The participant who buzzed in first and guessed the correct answer won.

Niagara students Andrew Uttaro and Marcus Maddox were the final two students to participate in fast money. The last round was intense. Uttaro and Maddox, two close friends, enjoyed the challenge. “Name something people bet on,” DJ McKenzie said. “Horseracing,” Uttaro answered back.

Uttaro won that final round. His answer was the number one response in that survey. “I feel like a champion. I feel really smart,” Uttaro said in excitement. Many in the crowd went home happy that night with extra cash in their pockets.

Article by junior communication studies major Maegan Jones. Photos by Andrew Emmons, a Niagara University sophomore studying communications, and criminology and criminal justice.

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