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A group of 16 Niagara University students spent their summer in Italy as part of Niagara University's study abroad program, learning

Over the past two years, the study abroad program at Niagara was put on pause due to the pandemic. With the world returning to normalcy, a group of 16 Purple Eagles had the opportunity to venture out of the United States to visit Italy this past summer.

This study abroad trip was arranged by Professor Edward Hutton as a Global Trade Finance class. The group was also accompanied by Dr. Mark Frascatore, dean of the Holzschuh College of Business Administration. The group was mainly comprised of undergraduate students from the business college.

The trip began in Bologna, Italy, where the group had business visits with Ferrari, the luxury car manufacturer; Ducati, a motorcycle company; and Aceto Balsamico del Duca, a balsamic vinegar producer. The students were able to learn more about the history and operation of these well-known businesses.

The trip continued with the group travelling to Florence, Italy, to visit the Duomo of Florence and the Galleria dell’Accademia. Visiting these famous attractions gave students a greater appreciation for the architecture and artwork that resides in Italy. Some of these structures were built thousands of years ago and still remain standing in Italy for daily tours.

The group then travelled to Rome, Italy, to visit Ends Cuoio, a company that produces saddlebags, seats, and grips for motorcycles. The group also visited the Banca d’Italia or the Bank of Italy to learn more about currency and the Italian economy. In addition, the group had the opportunity to visit some of Rome’s most-famous attractions including the Colosseum, Palatine, Roman Forum, St. Peter’s Basilica, Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Museums, and the Galleria Borghese.

The trip ended with a trip to Pompeii to view the remains of this infamous buried Roman city.

The trip’s class gave students the opportunity to step outside of Monteagle Ridge and expand their knowledge on trade and finance. As a founding member of the European Union, Italy is filled with a wide array of history and information dating back to ancient Rome. The students were able to explore Italy’s history and gather an understanding of life in the country from the past to the present. The trip was filled with opportunities to learn more about Italian culture, history, cuisine, and how international businesses operate.

This trip was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for students to gain appreciation for life outside of the United States as they continue in their fields of study and in their careers.

For more information, visit the Holzschuh College of Business Administration website.