Dina Martin serves as the point person for students interested in transferring to Niagara University.

Ricardo Santiago transferred to Niagara University in the fall of 2016 to study hospitality and tourism management. The Niagara County Community College graduate selected NU largely based on the university’s esteemed academic reputation and, not to be underestimated, the caring manner that transfer students are welcomed to the campus community.

“The Transfer Admissions Office really helped me with all of my needs and answered any questions that I had, which were many. It really was an open-door policy,” he said.

Approximately 250 students from two- and four-year colleges transfer to Niagara on an annual basis. The students who do become ingrained in the fabric of the university’s culture, which doesn’t always happen at other institutions.

Niagara also offers many of the same opportunities to transfers that it does to traditional freshmen, including advisement to ensure on-time degree completion and merit- and need-based financial aidconsideration. What’s more, the university has a very generous transfer credit policy and its transfer admissions coordinator, Dina Martin, serves as the point person to make the transition to NU seamless.

“From the moment a student expresses an interest in coming to Niagara University from another college, we exhaust every resource to help them make the transition and feel comfortable in their new environment,” Martin said. “We host a Transfer Orientation event that allows them to get to know one another, and we encourage our transfer students to get involved in some of our 100-plus clubs and organizations. The close-knit, student-centered atmosphere at Niagara quickly helps our transfer students to feel like they’ve been part of our community all along.”

For more information about transferring to Niagara University, please contact Dina at 716.286.8729 or ude.aragain@mjd.

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