Niagara University’s master's degree program in information security and digital forensics was recently accepted into the United States Cyber Command's Academic Engagement Network. As part of the AEN, NU will partner with Cyber Command to assist in mission innovation, engage and inspire students to consider military and civilian careers in the U.S. Department of Defense, and participate in research projects that study adversaries’ cyber strategies and organization.

The collaborative network has four primary goals: to engage the future workforce by creating a more diverse, robust, and accessible pool of qualified cyber professionals for military and civilian roles within the Cyber Mission Force; to increase cyber-applied research and innovation to better understand technical and nontechnical options, problems, solutions, and innovation opportunities; expand cyber-focused analytic partnerships through exchanges and directed research to foster unique competencies, capacities, and expertise that will provide insight into adversaries' cyberspace activities; and to enrich strategic cyber dialogue by informing academic institutions of the command’s roles, authorities, key issues, and responsibilities in national security and cyber operations.

“The USCYBERCOM partnership was sought to provide Niagara University students, especially those enrolled in our master’s degree program in information security and digital forensics, access to communications and information regarding challenges in the cybersecurity space and potential impacts, invitations to USCYBERCOM webinars and consortiums, and access to guest lecturers from USCYBERCOM,” said Dr. Petter Lovaas, chief information security officer and chair of cyber security and operations. “The M.S. ISDF program has a longstanding relationship with the Office of Veterans Affairs on campus, and this partnership will strengthen this affiliation and provide CSO and its students with great opportunities.”

As a partner, Niagara will have the opportunity to develop a relationship with the USCYBERCOM enterprise, which includes USCYBERCOM Headquarters, Cyber National Mission Force, Joint Force Headquarters-Department of Defense Information Networks, Air Force Cyber Command, Army Cyber Command, Coast Guard Cyber Command, Fleet Cyber Command, Marine Forces Cyber Command, and their associated Reserve Cyber forces. 

Niagara’s master's degree program in information security and digital forensics is designed to prepare students and working professionals for an exciting and rewarding career in cybersecurity, both in government and in private business. The program equips individuals with the knowledge necessary for the Certified Information Systems Security Management Professionals certification. 

Students are trained utilizing professional applications in computer and mobile forensics, and provided knowledge and expertise in network security, ethical hacking and privacy. This training occurs in one of our on-campus information security labs.

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