Jessica Okoniewski, resilience and resource officer in Niagara University’s College of Nursing, was invited to speak as part of a panel discussing the impact of COVID-19, workplace burn-out, and trauma-responsive practices for frontline workers and organizations at the New York State Trauma-Informed Network and Resource Center’s inaugural "Join the Journey" conference, Nov. 2-3, 2023, in Lake George, N.Y.

Okoniewski and her colleagues shared their own experience navigating stress, ideas for creating opportunities for trauma-responsive practices, and advice for organizations that are beginning their journey in implementing trauma-responsive practices for frontline workers.

“Participating in conferences focused on trauma-informed practices is essential, as they offer a platform for exchanging insights and strategies related to issues such as compassion fatigue and burnout,” said Okoniewski. “Being actively engaged in these conversations holds significance for me, as it allows not only the sharing of my knowledge with fellow healthcare professionals, but also provides an opportunity to discover alternative approaches for supporting and enhancing our nursing community.”

The New York State Trauma-Informed Network and Resource Center promotes learning, growing, and the deepening of knowledge. It creates partnerships, builds communities, and furthers the understanding of trauma, trauma-responsive practices, wellness, and well-being.




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