Eighty-four men and women stood in place, palms outstretched, as the Rev. Vincent O’Malley, C.M., recited a prayer to bless their hands.

“Lord, give success to the work of your hands in the lives of these nurses. Bless these hands for they do the work of your hands. We pray this through Christ our Lord.”

With that, members of the class of 2016 joined the alumni of Niagara University’s nursing program. The annual Mass and Blessing Ceremony took place Sunday, May 1, 2016, in Niagara’s Alumni Chapel.

Following a homily by Father O’Malley, the graduates were presented with pins signifying academic achievement, scholarly learning, professional dedication and Christian commitment. The pins, received by graduates to acknowledge entry into the nursing profession, are unique to Niagara University’s nursing tradition.

Congratulations to the following graduates:


  • Olivia Accorso
  • Courtney Beyor
  • Kathryn Bierbrauer
  • Natallie Burgeson
  • Elise Cohoon
  • Abigail Englert
  • Kara Esford
  • Allyson Gay
  • Olivia Herberger
  • Catherine Ives
  • Destiny Johnson
  • Jordyn Joseph
  • Annabel Kaiser
  • Kaitlyn Kamera
  • Helena Nichols
  • Michael Quackenbush
  • Brianna Rodriguez
  • Alejandro Sanchez
  • Taylor Smallwood
  • Samantha Stevens
  • Mackenzey Tallman
  • Camille Thompson
  • Viengvilay Vongkhily
  • Rosinna Zagari


  • William Baron
  • Jeannette Buscaglia
  • Melissa Eiffert
  • Tricia Ekas
  • James Hill
  • Nian Huang
  • Lauren Interlichia
  • Samantha Little
  • Alexis Marleau
  • Sarah Marrone
  • India Moss
  • Ikea Mulkey
  • Shayna Remington
  • Ashley Schalberg
  • Rebecca Stear
  • Alison Wilson
  • Shannagh Woods

RN-to-BS Completion

  • Heather Bennett
  • Nicole Cadwallader
  • Kristen Daniels
  • Ashley Ecker
  • Christina Evans
  • Susan Gibbons
  • Andrei Gati
  • Julie Loeffler
  • Amanda Luterek
  • Derrick McCoy
  • Kaminiben Patel
  • Caitlyn Rivers
  • Emily Rugg
  • Fatina Shihadeh

RN-to-BS Completion (Catholic Health Cohort)

  • Jessica Abramowski
  • Sharade Aldinger
  • Tammy Dickman
  • Kristine Dix
  • Dawn Echevarria
  • Lisa Farrel
  • Wendy Fechter
  • Katie Fik
  • Alexandria Foley
  • Nicole Frick-Taher
  • Christina Gilinger
  • Holly Grimm
  • Maryanne Hanley
  • Kim Hartman
  • Tara Hatrick
  • Tonna Hinton
  • Elizabeth Kaminiski
  • Jami Liebner
  • Mary Jane Lodico
  • Kim Marts
  • Mary Miller
  • Melissa Moeller
  • Houda Moussa
  • Ruth Nowakowski
  • Allison Revelas
  • Krissandra Schultz
  • Madonna Shriver
  • Jacklyn Sobecki
  • Valerie Stone

The most recent graduates of NU’s bachelor of science in nursing program celebrated their achievement with family, friends, university administrators, and faculty during a post-event reception at the Castellani Art Museum.

For more information on Niagara University’s nursing programs, please visit www.niagara.edu/nursing.

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