Dr. Carol Doyle-Jones, academic associate dean, Niagara University in Ontario, and associate professor in the College of Education, has been named editor-in-chief for the Journal of Classroom Research in Literacy, an online, peer-reviewed journal highlighting research conducted by teacher candidates and teachers. It is published annually each spring.

Niagara University faculty and alumni who have been contributors to the publication include BPS graduate Sarah Connelly, ’24, a primary/junior teacher employed by the Durham District School Board, who was this year's managing editor.

An article by Dr. Asma Ahmed, assistant professor in the College of Education, and BPS graduates from the Class of 2023 Emilia Biasi, Jasman Mundi, Avonit Pannu, Mandeep Ajimal, and Priyanka John, was published in the current edition. “Teacher Candidates’ Reflexivity Practices on Literature Circle Constructions” explores the five teacher candidates’ reflective and reflexive practices before, during, and after the creation of their literature circle unit plans, and the subsequent readjustment and refinement of those plans to ensure their smooth implementation in classrooms.

In addition, 2024 BPS alumnus Michael Foley’s article “Yuck Yuck: Building Student Motivation and Resiliency through Humour and Empathy’” was published as part of the journal’s new pedagogy into practice section, which features brief, unique, and practical approaches to teaching literacy and language related curriculum.