Allison Turck and her fourth grade students at Success Academy Charter Schools in New York City show their Niagara University Purple Pride.

Niagara University students receive an education that delivers exactly what employers and the world are looking for—it’s the reason graduates are very successful at finding employment or enrolling in graduate school than their peers nationwide.

Niagara’s Career Outcomes Percentage is 97%, which is 11.5% higher than the national average, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ First Destination Survey of the Class of 2015. When you compare the percentage of NU graduates who are working full time (78%) with those nationally (54.1%), the difference is even more significant.

Allison Turck, ’16, is a recent graduate who obtained a job immediately after graduation. She earned a degree in elementary education and special education and currently teaches fourth grade at Success Academy Crown Heights in New York City. She also recently won Success Academy’s Academic Achievement Award, which recognizes the teachers who inspired their scholars to perform at the highest academic level across all 41 Success Academy schools.

Allison credits the experience she gained in local school classrooms with her ability to obtain, and excel in, her job.

“Niagara University prepared me for a teaching career by getting me into classrooms as early as my first semester,” she says. “The field experience hours that I put in before student teaching taught me more than any class could have.”

 Ashley Jarkowski,’17, is going on to the State University at Buffalo’s School of Dental Medicine. She says that Niagara’s liberal arts core complemented her science courses, enabling her to think on a broader scale. “I have become very diverse from the variety of classes that I have taken here,” she says. “I can tie information from different fields of study to make analogies that help me in science.”

Ashley also had many opportunities to shadow dentists and work in dental offices and, as a participant in the Niagara University Science Undergraduate Research Fellow program, she conducted research which helped her to think critically, a vital skill in the science field.

These are two examples of many – clearly, a Niagara University degree offers its recipients a high return on their college investment.