Members of the Niagara University Marketing Association celebrate receiving the award for Outstanding Chapter Plan at an American Marketing Association conference in New Orleans.

Members of the Niagara University Marketing Association attended the 38th annual American Marketing Association (AMA) International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans, La., March 17-19. The NU students joined nearly 1,500 students from more than 200 universities at the conference, along with an additional 240 faculty, sponsors, staff, and speakers. The conference promotes professional development, cutting edge career advice, competitions, and networking.

NUMA is NU’s collegiate chapter in affiliation with the Rochester branch of the AMA; it was formed to enlighten interested students in the functions and operations of marketing. The association sponsors such outside activities as tours through selected firms and seminars featuring guest speakers. NUMA believes that learning by doing is the best way for students to gain real world marketing experience, which is accomplished by offering their skills, as a group, to Niagara University and the surrounding community.

The following members of NUMA attended the conference: Michael Bertleff, Shannon Chowaniec, Stephanie Cilip, Sawyer Mosher, Maureen O’Sullivan, Kyra Rieker, Tyler Walker and Andrew Wilson. Accompanying them was John Overbeck, faculty fellow of marketing.

At the conference, NUMA received the Outstanding Chapter Plan award.

“We’re really proud of our accomplishments and one of them is getting to New Orleans itself,” said Kyra Rieker, NUMA president. “Most of the colleges and universities at the conference are much larger than us. To get recognition like this is very rewarding and reflects on the hard work we put in all year.”

“Our NUMA students were outstanding in submitting their marketing plan at the recent AMA convention,” added Overbeck. “Their submission won an award for best chapter plan among the many entries from across the country. We should all be proud of their hard work and attention to detail that singled them out from all the other member chapters and gained them national recognition.”

“As an officer and member of NUMA, I was proud that we were able to send eight people this year to New Orleans for the AMA conference,” stated Stephanie Cilip, NUMA secretary. “It is truly an amazing experience and also provides a network opportunity. To be able to receive an award during our second time attending the conference and competing, it is an accomplishment that I hope NUMA can continue and improve within the future.”

For more information on joining NUMA, please contact Kyra Rieker, president, at ude.aragain.liam@rekeirk.